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CyberCloud was invited to attend Tianyi Cloud gaming partner exchange meeting, and discussed cooperation iof 5G+ cloud games

The 18th ChinaJoy in 2020 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 31st to August 3rd. As one of the most well-known and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment field, ChinaJoy exhibition covers games, animation, music, e-sports and many other fields. It has attracted the attention and love of digital entertainment fans and has become the digital entertainment industry in China and the world. Development weather vane.

"Wisdom" makes 5G killer applications

Enabling operators to seize the main track of cloud games

On October 31, 2019, CyberCloud and China Telecom's listed company No. Bai Holdings jointly launched the "Tianyi Cloud Game". CyberCloud provides professional cloud streaming PaaS platform capabilities and leverages China Telecom's large bandwidth and low latency 5G Network, the game is rendered and processed through the cloud to achieve download-free, cross-terminal, high-quality, and create a cloud game platform for players to play with one click and without downloading. Tianyi Cloud Games has become a 5G killer application of China Telecom.

President Wu said at the exchange meeting that CyberCloud is firmly optimistic about China Telecom's development prospects in the cloud gaming industry. First, cloud gaming itself is a business form that consumes computing resources and networks, and requires cloud resources and the support of network resources to develop. Judging from the current market situation, only China Telecom has both cloud resources and network resources, and China Telecom has the largest cloud resources among global operators. Second, although the development of cloud games is still in the exploratory stage, the industry has always been very optimistic about starting from cloud games on large TV screens. China Telecom has 150 million users of IPTV and has the largest private network TV large-screen user resources in China. China Telecom has obvious advantages in the market based on large-screen TVs. Therefore, with the support of basic cloud resources and network resources, and backed by a huge user group, China Telecom has a very good foundation for the development of the cloud gaming industry in the future.

Hand in hand with head CP to detonate cloud games

On July 2, the top game content manufacturer Perfect World Games developed the first flagship cloud game "New World of Gods and Demons" based on the "IaaS+PaaS" overall cloud game capability platform created by CyberCloud and China Telecom, in China Telecom Tianyi cloud game platform exclusively debuted. With the help of the four technological breakthroughs of CyberCloud, the market feedback of "New God and Demon Continent" far exceeded expectations, and the cloud game version became the "wall breaker" of domestic cloud game product release

The software environment for the cloud game version of "New World of Gods and Demons" has changed from Android to Windows, and the hardware has changed from ARM chip servers to more general X86 servers. With the support of powerful cloud servers, the game has achieved DX rendering and gained super power. The image quality is improved; at the same time, it is fully connected with the Tianyi Cloud game user account system. Players can play the game without second login or separate in-game payment; the engine-level adaptive function is adopted to dynamically adjust the material rendering accuracy to help the server Carry more users, reduce single-user resource consumption, and reduce cost expenditures; through the HTM5 trial and download mode, it helps game manufacturers to significantly increase their new costs, retention conversion, and willingness to pay.

Work hard on 5G and the whole industry chain

At the Tianyi Cloud Game Ecological Partner Exchange Conference, Baibai Holdings very much recognized its long-term cooperation with CyberCloud. The partners in the industry chain are also full of expectations for the next in-depth cooperation in the field of 5G+ cloud games.

The new infrastructure has accelerated the implementation of 5G, stimulated the development of cloud games, and promoted the main players participating in the upstream and downstream of cloud games. However, the cloud gaming industry is still in its infancy. In the future, core cloud gaming technology, high-quality content, and user traffic will be the three cores of the ecological construction of the 5G cloud gaming industry. Relying on China Telecom's cloud network resources and hundreds of millions of user bases, CyberCloud will continue to collaborate with the industry's top forces, join forces, complement each other's advantages, and jointly explore business scenarios and business model innovation. Continue to build more explosive cloud games and work together to contribute to the vigorous development of the 5G cloud game industry. Here, we also call on upstream and downstream partners in the industry to work closely together on the platform of China Telecom to create new gameplay and new formats for cloud games in the future.