5G Deterministic Networking Alliance
Mission               Charter           Council         Expert Committee​          Working Group​          ​Member

The council of the alliance is composed of representatives of the chairman units. The chairman and vice-chairman of the alliance shall be elected by the council. According to the needs of the alliance development, the vice-chairman can be coopted, and the number of coopted members shall be determined by the council. The council shall meet regularly twice a year, and the chairman may convene an interim meeting of the council if necessary.


Chairman: Dai Jisheng

Mr. Jason (Jisheng) Dai is the president of strategy & business development of Huawei cloud core network product line. Since joined Huawei in 1999, Jason has progressed through a variety of products in mobile network such as radio controller, softswitch, mobile core network and cloud core network. He has a comprehensive knowledge and deep understanding of telecom industry and has been dedicated to the strategy & business development in recent years.

Vice Chairman: Wang Changling

Core network chief architect,China Unicom.


Vice Chairman: Lu Qingjun

Director of National Telemedicine and Connected Health Center, Director of the Medical Service Department of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Director of the Telemedicine Center. Has chaired "National 11th Five-Year Science and Technology Support Project" of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the national natural science fund, and Beijing natural science fund projects.

Vice Chairman: Yang Fengyi

Deputy director of China Telecom Technology Innovation Center.


The alliance has set up a Secretariat as a daily office, a secretary-general and deputy secretary-generals, and a secretary-general responsibility system under the leadership of the chairman.


Secretary-general: Liu Qicheng

General Manager and Chief Editor of Omnimedia in the communications world, senior media person in the information communications industry. Long-term observation, research on China's communications industry, with 20 years of experience in the media industry.

Vice Secretary-general: Liu Bing

Senior director of strategy & business development, Huawei cloud core network product line.


Vice Secretary-general: Wang Dan

China Mobile Research Institute.

Vice Secretary-general: Zhao Yuan

Senior engineer of the IoT Research Center of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute.