5G Deterministic Networking Alliance
Mission               Charter           Council         Expert Committee​          Working Group​          ​Member

Vertical Industry Working Group


WG 1: Energy Internet Industry Group

Identify Energy Internet requirements and improve the maturity of industry solutions. Reach industry consensus, promote industry standards and policies, and prepare for large-scale commercial use of 5GDN in Energy Internet.

Leader: Guo Jinghong (State Grid), Hong Danke (China Southern Grid)


WG 2: Industrial Internet Industry Group

Study on Industrial Internet requirements. Build commercial benchmark projects (machine vision/AR application/device control). Verify technical solution and business models. Reach a consensus on solutions with technical and business breakpoints and output industry white papers for 5G DN + Industrial scenarios.

Leader: Zhang Yanguo (CCIA)


WG 3Multimedia Industry Group

Leverage mature eMBB advantages, accelerate the commercial use in UHD/VR/AR/cloud game/mCDN/live broadcast, etc. Promote industry consensus, establish enterprise standards and output 5GDN + Multimedia industry white papers.

Leader: Dr. Mei Jianping (China Media Group)


WG 4: V2X Industry Group 
Take care of the V2X industry requirements and promotion.

Leader: Dr. Xie Zhendong (Guangzhou Transportation Group)


WG 5: Healthcare Internet Industry Group

Take the lead to work with the major carriers and partners to promote Healthcare Internet Industry consensus and release 5G healthcare network construction standards. Build commercial benchmark, and resolve the breakpoints in terminals, standards, and business models.

Leader: Lu Qingjun (China-Japan Friendship Hospital)

Horizontal Capability Working Group


WG 1: Innovative Technology and Standards Group

Clarify the technical evolution path, pilot new technologies, and promote the application system of serialized standards. Summarize the industry requirements and contribute the outputs to Chinese and international technical standard organizations to form related standards.

Zhou Yan (Huawei)


WG 2: Innovation lab Group

Support joint solution innovation and verification, provide E2E 5G lab for interoperability testing for partners and development environment for developers.

Qiu Xuefeng (Huawei)


WG 3: External Cooperation and Communication Group

Build thought leadership and promote the consensus of 5GDN in the industry. Absorb industry, university, and research intelligence to accelerate 5G supply capability.

Leader: Lv Ming (Huawei)


WG 4: Marketing Group

Output the alliance practice and promote in industry to speed up global 5G development.

Zhang Qin (Huawei)